5 Ways to Save On Bike Insurance

5 Ways to Save On Bike Insurance

Perhaps, riding a motorcycle is always an adventure and a recreational activity. However, it might turn into a mishap due to many reasons. To keep yourself protected, it is inevitable to opt for a 2 wheeler insurance online India. If you are worried about the heavy premium that is to be paid in order to buy an insurance policy then here are some tips for you. These tips will help you save on your insurance premium and prevent making a burning hole in your pocket.

Tips and tricks save your bike insurance premium

  • Choosing the right vehicle- You must know that choosing a vehicle with heavy engine and imported parts is likely to make you pay hefty premiums. Before you buy a bike, it is important to see if it is classified as rare or exotic by the market standards and other expenses that it can invite. On the other hand, choosing a standard vehicle or a second hand vehicle can result in lower premium.  Thus, you should choose your vehicle wisely keeping your pocket and future expenses in mind.
  • No small claims- During the term of your policy, you must always try to not make any small claims. No claim bonus and other perks are offered to the customers who do not file any claims in the entire period of the policy. It is better to avoid minor dents or scratches if you wish to save money in the long run.
  • Annual payment- It is important to know that paying the full annual amount right away can save you pennies. On the other hand, the monthly premium payments can prove to be a bit costlier with the interest added on it. Yes, many bikers who pay annual dues at once are billed less.
  • Buying a policy package- You can consider buying multiple policies from your insurer. It is true that insurers tend to offer discounts on premium when you buy more than just one policy from them. For instance, you can contact the insurer for both your online 2 wheeler insurance and four wheelers too.
  • Join a riding club- You should know that becoming a member of a renowned riding club or any other association can get you great benefits. Yes, the insurers often provide small to medium discounts to the customers who have joined a riding association or club.
  • Comparing policies- The best way to save premium on bike insurance is to compare the prices of different insurers and then choose the most affordable one. Today, there are sites that can help you with comparing the policies and take a wise decision.

Therefore, once you have followed all the aforementioned tips, you are sure to save a lot on your premium and two wheeler insurance renewal online India. The bottom line is that you must stay alert and informed of all the changes taking places in the market and remain updated about the new policy terms and benefits. Hence, it is the time to get in touch with the industry’s finest insurer and buy the 2 Wheeler bike insurance policy at the competitive prices. All the best!



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