Buying a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online At Your Convenience

Buying a two-wheeler requires absolute attention when it comes to the design, affordability, mileage and brand value. However, insurance lays above all these factors, as it is the lifeline of your vehicle for the years to come. Usually, riders overlook the importance of an insurance policy and fall in the troubled waters later. But with the insurance companies online, it will be just a cakewalk to get your vehicle insured. Within a few clicks, you can buy the most appropriate insurance policy and keep your vehicle in the perfect state always.

Below discussed are some of the important factors that are to be considered while buying an insurance policy online.

Things to remember before buying 2-wheeler insurance online

  • Types of insurance plans- Basically, there are two types of plans namely, liability only policy and comprehensive plan. The liability only policy covers bodily and property damage of any third party involved while the latter covers the same but includes the vehicle damage too. You must know that the liability only policy is mandatory by the law but the comprehensive one is optional.
  • Types of coverage- There are different types of coverage including fire, collision coverage, theft, insurance of the pillion, vandalism cover and various others. Depending upon your need, you can select the cover.
  • Factors affecting premium- The premium that you pay directly depends upon the features of your two-wheeler.  Here, the cubic capacity of your vehicle is considered and the premium increases with the increase in this capacity. In addition to this, the location of your vehicle purchase also matters. You can check out the zone in which your city lies and calculate the premium accordingly.
  • NCB- NCB refers to ‘No Claim Bonus’ to which you are entitled to after every claim free year. This bonus starts at 20% and increases to 25%, 35%, 45% limiting to 50%.  For more details, you can enquire the online insurance company that you have chosen.
  • Uninsured motorist cover- Many a times, drivers do not have the valid insurance cover and end up bearing all the expenses.  In this situation, an uninsured motorist cover can be of great help if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured rider.
  • IDV- Referring to ‘Insured Declared Value’, IDV is the vehicle’s value of insurance, which remains constant for that particular term of the policy. Note that, this value depends upon the listed selling price of the manufacturer after calculating the depreciation.
  • Change of ownership- If you are planning to sell your two-wheeler then you can transfer the insurance as well. Here, the transferee needs to provide all the details of the vehicle to the insurer within 14 days.
  • Claim processing- The most significant part of the insurance policy is the raising and settling the claim. You are required to inform your insurer to get the necessary formalities completed and to settle the claim. With this, you must know that a two-wheeler is counted as a Constructive Total Loss (CTL) if its retrieval cost is more than 75% of the IDV.

To choose the most authentic insurance company, you can explore online. It is better to read the customer testimonials and the compare the prices of the policy of different companies in order to make the best buy.  A reputed company is likely to offer you a free consultation initially and make you understand the different policies and their features. In fact, you can ask for some good references from your friends and family who have recently bought an insurance policy. Thus, you must now approach the best insurance company online, avail the insurance policy and get your two-wheeler insured. Good luck!


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