Inclusions, Exclusions and add-ons of Bike Insurance

Bought a new two-wheeler? All set to drive across the highways? But, wait! Did you buy bike insurance online India? If not then you must do it now. According to Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for all the bike owners to get their vehicle insured, it might lead to legal troubles. An insurance policy will shield both your life and vehicle in an unfortunate situation.

There are different types of insurance policies such as third party insurance and comprehensive insurance policy. The third party insurance covers all the damages caused to the property and life of the third party involved in the accident whereas, the comprehensive policy is preferred by many. The comprehensive insurance not only covers the life of the rider and the vehicle but also covers the third party.

This article will give you an insight into the inclusions, exclusions and add-ons of a bike insurance policy. Read on further to know about it all.

Inclusions of a comprehensive insurance policy

  • Legal third party liability- If any bodily injuries have been caused to the third party in an accident then it is covered under this type of policy. Even if the accident has led to death and has done damage to the third party property, it is included in comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Manmade & natural calamity- Here, the damage caused due to manmade calamities such as robbery, collision, strikes and other malicious acts are covered. In fact, some of the insurers also include in it the damage done to the vehicle during the transportation whether it’s through air, water or road. In addition to this, damage due to the natural calamities including storms, flood, fires, rains, frost, cyclones, lightening, earthquakes etc. are also covered under comprehensive insurance policy.

Exclusions of a bike comprehensive insurance policy

  • General ageing and torn out conditions of tires and tubes (not due to accident)
  • Accident caused by the driver without a valid license
  • Any claims that are made out of any contractual liability
  • Accident caused by the rider in drunk conditions
  • Damage caused by the war mutiny or other risks
  • Accident happened outside the geographical area mentioned in the insurance policy
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown is not included

Add-ons of bike insurance online India

  • Passenger cover- This is one of the most significant add-ons for a two-wheeler. When a two-wheeler meets with an accident, it proves to be fatal for both the rider and pillion. The intensity of mishap might lead to serious injuries leading to even death. In an insurance policy, the rider is already covered against death and disability but the pillion is not. Thus, passenger cover will provide full or partial coverage to the pillion as well.
  • Medical cover- Meeting with an accident leaves you with a strain on your pocket. Right from hospital bills to an endless list of medicines, you are required to spend a lot. To avoid such expenses, it is better to opt for medical cover. This add-on covers the cost related to the treatment of the victim of the accident. Thus, it will help you afford what you cannot otherwise.
  • Accessories cover- If you love adding accessories to your two-wheeler then this add-on will do wonders for you. These days, bike accessories like fancy seat covers, lights and others, are highly expensive. During an accident, the damage caused to these accessories can land you in huge financial stress. Thus, accessories cover will offer protection to your beloved accessories and will cover all its losses.
  • Zero / NIL Depreciation Cover- Just by paying an extra premium, you can get your other expenditures covered in the insurance policy. Since it is usually the vehicle owner who bears the depreciation and costs involved in the replacement of new spare parts, the Nil or Zero Depreciation Cover can be of great help. Under this add-on, the replacement and repairing costs of your plastic, rubber and fiber components will be covered.
  • Return to Invoice- In case of vehicle theft or vehicle total loss, you get invoice amount plus registration and road tax charges along with insurance own damage value.

Besides other add-ons, there are others too about which you can enquire by approaching us. We are one of the most experienced insurance companies that have served hundreds of clients and have provided protection to their vehicles.  Our adept crew is highly equipped with the most innovative solutions to fix the customer queries in no time.  You can reach us for three-year insurance policy for your two-wheeler, to avoid the hassle of renewing the policy every year. The long term insurance policy benefits you with the fixed rate of premium for all the years till the time policy is valid. As far as discounts on the premium are concerned, you can avail that through No Claim Bonus (NCB), safe driving record, appropriate add-ons, by installing safety devices in the vehicle and through other tricks. Yes, we will make you learn about it all with absolute patience.  Thus, reach us with no doubts!


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