What are the Key Factors of Comprehensive Long Term Motor Bike Insurance?

A comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance plan is for the period of up to 3 years. It is one policy with multiple advantages. Reputed insurance companies in India are dominated to attract consumers by offering comprehensive plans along with add on packages. You can buy the policy online which can save your time and makes your insurance related procedures easy. No special paperwork is required to proceed. Apart from that the premium rate is fixed for the time being your policy is protecting you. So if you are all set to buy an insurance policy for your motorbike, take a glance to a comprehensive plan to make your decision effective.

Let’s discuss how the policy is beneficial for you.

Protection from Inflation

Many people switch to either one-year motorbike plan or a third-party motorbike plan in order to save themselves from paying higher premiums. They forget that a third-year plan is not going to protect his vehicle and not even pay a single contribution to save the life of the biker. A one-year plan can provide you protection against third party and bear the damages caused in vehicle due to accident but the policy is over in just one year. You have to renew the plan with a new premium that can be higher. With a long term plan, you may have to pay premiums a bit more than the third party plan but it saves you from paying any extra premium even if the premium rate is increased. It will be a fixed premium.

Easy to keep Record

When it comes to one year bike insurance plan, you need to keep record of the documents every year as you renew the policy. It is simply full of hassles to manage many documents. At the same time, keeping a record is also very difficult. You will have to maintain a diary for this. With up to 3-year long term plan for bikes, policyholders just need to keep one policy document which is issued for the entire period of 2/3 years. So there is less chance of losing documents.

Comprehensive Protection

Since it is a comprehensive plan, it means it covers not only the third party damages but also protects your vehicle and the driver as well as the co-passenger. Your vehicle is protected against various calamities. It gets protection from both natural and man-made calamities. Earthquake, flood, fire and various natural calamities can harm your vehicle. In this situation, you can make a claim. In the case of robbery, burglary, riot, strike, damage in transit by road and accident by external means, you will get coverage for your bike, third party and for yourself.

NCB Benefits

The non-claim bonus is rewarded to the policyholder who has made no claim till they were in coverage. The NCB is automatically transferred to the next policy you will take.

So, carefully plan your motorbike insurance. Make long term two wheeler insurance online search to navigate a reliable agency.

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