Protecting Your Vehicle during Monsoon

Are you worried about your vehicle in the monsoon season? Wish to keep it protected in those heavy rains and water-clogged roads? If yes then you are at the right page. You must know that negligent driving on rain-hit roads can get your insurance claims rejected. The water entering into the engine can choke the pipes, damage the gearbox and can result in various other serious vehicle issues. To safeguard your vehicle during the rainy season, below mentioned are some tips and tricks that you can implement at the time of buying online 2-wheeler insurance.

Ways to protect your vehicle this monsoon

  1. Engine protector- To protect your vehicle during monsoon, you must opt for an engine protector add-on coverage. You must know that it can become difficult for you to claim the insurance money if the damage is caused to the engine.  Thus, this add-on coverage will safeguard your engine, gearbox and will protect you against oil leak too. If you have a car with low rise then this coverage is inevitable, as it can minimize the risk of engine seizure.
  2. Roadside assistance- This assistance helps you at the hours when your car has a breakdown in the middle of the road. There are times when you are traveling and your vehicle breaks down with a flat tire or engine failure with no garages in the range.  In such a situation, you can call the roadside assistance there and then to get out of the troubles. Whether it’s about emergency fuel or a case of lockout, the experts will handle it all.
  3. No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector- So when you opt for this protector with your 2 wheeler insurance online,India, it safeguards your NCB percentage for up to two claims that you make.  This protector can be of great benefit during the entire policy period.
  4. Zero depreciation cover- Usually, you have to bear the depreciation costs on the replaced car parts like bumper, engine etc., which in turn, reduces the amount that you claim. With zero depreciation cover, you get an added protection and will receive the entire insurance amount. The cover ensures that all such depreciation costs are avoided, causing no loss to the vehicle-owner.

Precautions during monsoons

  • It is better to avoid driving during heavy rains until unless it is an emergency. Or, you can drive on the elevated section of the road where the chances of water-clogging are less.
  • Always drive the vehicle at a speed that gives you a constant acceleration and avoids engine failure.
  • You should never use the air conditioner of your car while driving in the stagnant water. It is likely to increase the water splash.
  • In case your vehicle stops, you should not get an anxiety attack. You can just push your vehicle to the roadside and call your mechanic or roadside assistance.

Thus, protecting your vehicle is not a giant deal if you have opted for add-on coverage and other precautions discussed above.  For more information on ways to protect your vehicle during monsoon, you can contact an insurance company. To find the most reputed company, you may check out its past records and read customer testimonials. The company that has the best range of insurance services at the most competitive prices must be chosen.


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