Reasons to Choose 3 Year Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

An insurance policy keeps your vehicle safe and provides a financial support in the events of accidents and damages. Today, you can get different types of policies with different features and prices. Keeping in mind the convenience and benefit of the customers, HCSPL has introduced a 3 year two-wheeler insurance policy. Here, you can purchase the insurance policy for an extended period with no burden of renewing it every year. With such a policy, you are free from the worries of damages caused to your bike for the next three years.

Read on further to know about the exciting benefits of a long term bike insurance policy-

Prominent advantages of 3 year two-wheeler insurance

  • Save money- The foremost advantage of long term bike insurance is that you save a lot of money. Yes, it is true that a 3 year insurance policy can prevent you from the tension of price revision cycle. You must know that the premium of third-party liability insurance is usually revised annually. You may have to pay higher if you have opted for short term policy and renew it every year.
  • Avoid risks and losses- Many vehicle owners forget to renew their insurance policy on time and end up paying for the damages and accidents themselves. In fact, riding with an expired policy is an invitation to danger. You may have to pay the penalty for violating the traffic rules, complicating the things further. However, once you have had a long term policy, you can sit back & relax.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) – The major advantage of a 3 year bike insurance policy is that NCB never falls back to zero, like in single year policies. When you choose a single year policy, your discount/bonus does not get accumulated for every claim-free year while the long term policy can be highly profitable for you in the long run.
  • Cancellation is simple- If you have bought the long term policy but wish to cancel it in the middle then you can do that without any hassles. Our company provides complete flexibility to all the customers.   At any point of time, you can opt out of the multi-year cover. Also, we will clear your NCB if it’s applicable on your account.

Thus, to get away from the hassle of remembering policy expiration dates and enjoy more profits, you should choose a 3 year two wheeler insurance policy. Besides the aforementioned benefits, you get the advantage of ‘no inspection’ too. You must know that no inspection of your bike is done when you have opted for long term insurance and have renewed it online.

For any queries related to our 3 year bike insurance policy, you can reach our customer support crew. We have a team of experienced and amiable experts that is readily available 24/7 to help the customers and solve their queries. They will explain and make you understand until you are absolutely satisfied. Thus, you can reach us with no second thoughts. It’s time to give your two-wheeler a new life. Be safe!


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