Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in India

Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in India

The moment you are on the road with your vehicle, you are prone to all kinds of uncertainties and risks. Accidents and mishaps cannot be totally avoided but you can protect your vehicle and life through online 2 wheeler insurance. The Motor Vehicles Act of India makes it mandatory for all the bike owners to possess an insurance policy in order to stay protected in the troubled times. You must read on further to know all about motorcycle insurance in India.

Types of 2 wheeler insurance online India

  • Personal accident cover- This type of insurance compensates the damage caused to the rider.It provides compensation on total disablement or death of the rider and covers all the hospital expenses.
  • Own damage cover- Here, the policy safeguards the rider against the cost of damage done to his motorcycle. It covers the vehicle and all it parts, which means in case of any theft or damage, you’ll be absolutely covered.
  • Third party liability cover- According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle owner must have a third party liability cover. It is important because it covers all the angles of the accident and relieves the damage caused to the person other than the rider.

About insurance premium

In order to purchase an insurance policy, you need to pay an insurance premium. Moreover,the amount of premium depends upon various factors such as the type of policy chosen, type of vehicle model, engine’s cubic capacity, location of registration, Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle and the overall condition of the motorcycle. To acquire more information on the premium and two wheeler insurance renewal online India, you can contact the finest insurance provider online.

Other add-on

  1. Garage cash- When you will opt for this add-on, it will look after all the daily commute expenses at the time when your motorcycle is being repaired in the garage.
  2. Zero depreciation- You must know that by availing this, you will be given full amount as compensation for your vehicle with no deductions.  Deductions are otherwise made on account of the depreciated motorcycle parts.
  3. Roadside assistance- In order to seek immediate in the situations of a flat tire, empty tank or other minor damages, you must opt for roadside assistance. It will provide assistance at the exact location where your vehicle is broken.
  4. No Claim Bonus- During the term of your policy, you get this no claim bonus when you do not file any claims. At the time of policy renewal, the insurance company will grant you this bonus as a reward

Insurance companies online

You are likely to come across a number of insurance providers online but not all are reputed and renowned. For this, you must check the customer testimonials and do a bit of research about the company’s past records. You may also contact the customers who have already availed the services of that particular online bike insurance renewal company. Furthermore, it is suggested to compare the prices of different companies and then take the end decision. This way, you are sure to land up with the most superior insurance provider.  Good luck!



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