Top 5 Ways to Get Discounts on Bike Insurance

Thinking to buy two wheeler insurance online India? Wondering about the ways to get discounts on your bike insurance? Well, this article talks about some tricks and tips that can help you in getting discount on your bike insurance policy. If you think that you can avoid buying insurance then you must know that a bike insurance policy is compulsory under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The policy safeguards both you and your vehicle in any untoward situation.

Below discussed are some of the ways that can help you get better discounts on your bike insurance policy-

  1. Buy online- The best way to get discount on bike insurance is to buy the insurance policy online. When you buy online, you have the option to compare the policies of different companies and then choose the most suitable one.  You are likely to get a premium discount on online insurance policies with added features.
  2. Use NCB- When you do not make any online 2 wheeler insurance claim during the policy term, you are entitled to No Claim Bonus (NCB). NCB offers you a discount at the time of policy renewal next year. This discount usually starts with 20% and goes as high as up to 50%, depending upon the number of years for which the claim has not been made.
  3. Timely renewal- It is highly advised to get your bike insurance policy renewed before it lapses.  You must know that renewing the policy on time will enable you to compare various policies and go for the best quote available. However, such money-saving options are not available when you are out of time.
  4. Installing security devices- It is true that the insurance company does pay for all your damages but it offers premium discounts to the customers who do their bit to protect the vehicle. Yes, you can always plan to install security devices in your bike and enhance the safety features of it. This way, both you and the insurance company will be in comfort. In fact, you can yourself clam a premium discount in this case.
  5. Maintaining a good driving record- Last but not the least, you should maintain a good driving record. Good riving will lead to less accidents and less claims. This in turn, will elevate your NCB and will get you highest bonus. On the other hand, the insurance company will get the assurance that you are a responsible rider and present a lower risk.

Besides this, you should always be very wise while choosing add-on covers. Never fall into the trap of insurance companies that insist you to buy add-on covers that you hardly require. It’s better to do your own research about it and opt for only those add-ons that are a must have for your vehicle.  In addition to this, even the insurance company that you have approached also matters.

To choose an authentic company that guides you the best, you can read the customer testimonials and browse through the services of different companies online.  The one you think offers the best policy with the added features at the most competitive prices must be chosen. Rest, you can acquire all the essential information related to the types of polices and their structure from the company that you have selected. So, get on with the right insurance company and buy 2-wheeler insurance online at a great discount.


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