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Are you puzzled about car insurance or want to get your queries on the insurance solved? This page will uncover top FAQs on 4 wheeler insurance.

1. In case I fit LPG or CNG kit in my car, is it necessary to inform my insurer?

In this situation, you are responsible to notify to not only the insurance company but also the Road Transport Authority where your vehicle is registered.  The RTA will note down the change you have made in the vehicle and the insurance company will ask you to insure separately for this kit at an additional premium of 4% as per its value. In the proposal form, you will have to specify this.

2. What are the documents I need for a car insurance claim?

There are a few documents you need to show your insurance company:

  • Fill the claim form properly.
  • The Registration Certificate (known as RC) copy of the 4 wheeler.
  • Payment receipt or invoice of repair.
  • Original estimate of loss.

In case, the car has been theft, you will have to submit the copy of the FIR report along with a non-traceable certificate.

3. What types of documents do I need to submit to buy the car insurance?

Buying a car insurance policy is easy with us. There are just a few documents are required to submit:

  • The copy of your RC of the vehicle.
  • The car invoice copy.
  • If you have any previous insurance policy than submit its copy.
  • No claim bonus certificate issued by previous company.

4. How is the car insurance premium determined?

There are several factors that influence your car insurance premium:

  • The IDV (insured Declared Value) of your car.
  • The type of plan you have- Third Party Liability, Collision Coverage or Comprehensive Coverage.
  • The model of the car.
  • The manufacturing year of the vehicle, this helps to calculate depreciation of the vehicle.
  • Your geographical location.
  • The NCB calculated for every claim free year.

Any add-on benefits you have.

5. How does the premium of expired car insurance determine?

There is a limited time period for car insurance. Once the period is over, the policy can lapse & survey of the vehicle is must. However, our insurance company offers 90 days of time to renew the policy to get the benefits of NCB. In case, the time period is over, you will have to fill the details of the car again, the car will be inspected by the surveyor and unable to get the benefits of NCB.

6. What is the impact of a city on the car insurance premium?

It impacts your car insurance premium greatly. In case, your locality is prone to theft and robberies, the insurance premium will be higher than the locality less prone to theft. The metro cities in India are more likely to have higher premiums than those of non-metro cities.

7. Explain depreciation in vehicle insurance?

It is related to the loss of value due to wear and tear in the 4 wheeler. It is considered for every part of the car except glass. The depreciation rate for component like tyres, rubber, plastic parts, batteries, air bags and tubes are of 50%; whereas 30% for other fibre components in the vehicle.

8. Which car insurance plan will be beneficial for me?

The comprehensive 4 wheeler car insurance plan covers not only liability but also own damages. It is a highly recommended plan.

9. Could I cancel the vehicle policy anytime?

Yes, You can cancel the policy anytime but insurance company will deduct premium for the period of insurance and you have to show insurance policy from other insurance company for the same vehicle. Moreover if there is any claim on policy/vehicle, for that refund will not be made.

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