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1. Why should I buy comprehensive two wheeler insurance when coverage is only to injury, 3rd party, death or property loss?

According to law, it is mandatory to have a 3rd party insurance, but it is strongly advised to consider a comprehensive two wheeler policy in order to give your vehicle protection against both man-made and natural calamities. It allows you to claim for the damaged caused to the vehicle. Without a comprehensive plan, the whole responsibility of repairing will come on your shoulder.Thus, the plan gives you an assurance that whatever happens to your vehicle, the insurance company will support you financially.

2. Is it possible to cancel the policy during its tenure?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel your policy during the tenure. For this it is must to submit the documents as a proof that your two-wheeler has been insured elsewhere or the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has cancelled the registration certificate of your vehicle. As the policy is cancelled, our insurance company will refund the remaining amount after deducting premium for a period in which coverage has been given.

Note: The refund is considered only if there is no claim asked during the policy tenure.

3. What information I will share to purchase two-wheeler insurance online?

Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance plan from us is easy. There is no such document required to submit. You only need to provide your previous policy details and RC information during the time of purchase.

4. Can I buy or renew two-wheeler insurance online?

We have an excellent and efficient mechanism to purchase and renew your insurance online. A simple online form is required to fill up and share information like bank details to renew or purchase the policy. Contact us at 1800-102-4376 to resolve any queries related to the insurance.

5. What if my insurance policy is misplaced?

If you have an online policy with us, the soft copy is sent to your given email address. The policy documents are digitally signed. For safety, you can print out the hard copy of these documents.Contact to your insurance company, we take a nominal charge to issue a duplicate copy of the policy document.

6. Is it mandatory to inspect the vehicle?

Online insurance doesn’t require inspection of the vehicle. It is only mandatory with offline policy purchase.

7. Define the term NCB?

It stands for the bonus which is provided to the policyholder if he/she has made no claim during the policy tenure.

8. Am I eligible for NCB on the expired insurance policy?

You can get NCB on the expired policy if renewal of the policy is done within the 90 days of expiration.

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